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News Update
  • Deputy Minister Zhao of Jiangxi Province Foreign Affairs Office met Mr. Michael Guo of AITA & Associates
  • Vice Director of AITA & Associates Was Invited to Attend Opening Ceremony of 2010 Beijing CBD International Business Festival
  • Vice Director Xu Hui of AITA & Associates Met With Chairman of Federation of Chinese Sannong
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    Vice Director Xu Hui of AITA & Associates Met With Chairman of Federation of Chinese Sannong

    28th October 2010

    Hui Xu, Vice Director of AITA & Associates and her group was received by Mr. Wang Haoning, Chairman of Federation of Chinese Sannong, at King Wing Hotel in Beijing, accompanied by Mr. Liu Junhua, Institute Director of Food and Agriculture Standardization under China Institute of Standardization. Ms Xue delivered an important speech in the Industry Annual Meeting on Processing, Circulation and Cold Chain of Chinese Agricultural Products.

    After Ms Xue’s introduction on the promotion work in decade for international exchange by AITA & Associates, Mr. Wang indicated that with thriving progress of social and economic exchange, it is necessary to help local governments and businessmen learn from the advanced experiences of foreign countries. His federation saw a big space in collaboration and development with AITA & Associates in respect of international communication, for example, promoting economic development through friendly exchanges between cities.

    Mr. Wang also expressed his expectation to strenthen relationship with AITA & Associates, keeping close contact and exchange.

    Federation of Chinese Sannong is a social organization, specialized in the problems of agriculture, farmers and rural areas in China. More informaiton about the federation:

    If you need the services of AITA & associates to assist your networking and business in China, please contact Michael Guo at


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