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News Update
  • Deputy Minister Zhao of Jiangxi Province Foreign Affairs Office met Mr. Michael Guo of AITA & Associates
  • Vice Director of AITA & Associates Was Invited to Attend Opening Ceremony of 2010 Beijing CBD International Business Festival
  • Vice Director Xu Hui of AITA & Associates Met With Chairman of Federation of Chinese Sannong
  • 40 Billion Potevio Chairman met with AITA and Associates Delegation (April 28, 2010)
  • Opening a New Era of Importing Radiate Pines from NZ&AU
  • China- ASEAN Expo 2014





       The people's Government of GuangXi Zhuang Autonomous Region
      Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
      Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources of Brunei Darussalam
      Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia
      Ministry of the Trade of the Republic of Indonesia
      Ministry of the Trade of the Lao People's Democratic Republic
      Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia
      Ministry of Commerce of the Union of Myanmar
      Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Philippines
      Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Singapore
      Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand
      Ministry of Trade of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
      ASEAN Secretariat


                                        Limited ‘Free’ or ‘Discounted’ Services
    Limited ‘Free’ or ‘Discounted’ Booth
    Limited ‘Free’ or ‘Discounted’ Hotel Accommodation
    Limited ‘Free’ or ‘Discounted’ Transportation
    Limited ‘Free’ or ‘Discounted’ Banquet, Cocktail Party Tickets

    At the 11th China-ASEAN Summit in fall, 2014, Premier Wen Jiabao of the People's

    Republic of China proposed that a China-ASESN Expo be held annually in Nanning,

    Guangxi, China from the year 2004 onwards. Based on the Framework Agreement on

    China-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Cooperation, with the sole objectives of

    promoting the building of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, and striving for mutual

    benefits and common prosperity, the China-ASEAN Expo focuses on regional economic

    and trade cooperation and provides tremendous opportunities for the business

    communities from all over the world.
    This Expo will provide a great platform for governments, industry associations and

    business corporations to expand all-around, high-level and multi-field exchanges and

    collaboration internationally. As Co-Organizer of this Expo, Australia International

    Trade Associates & Associates (AITA & Associates) and New Zealand International

    Exchange Center (NZIEC) are entitled to promote international communication and

    exchange in pacific region, especially with Australia and New Zealand. This

    exposition will be an opportunity for you to expand your presence in the

    international marketplace and meet potential business partners.

    Scale & arrangement
    4600 international standard booths, covering:
    ◆Main Venue (Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center): 3400 booths

    (2800 indoor booths + 600 outdoor booths)
    ◆Sub-venue (Guangxi Exhibition Hall for Agricultural Exhibition): 600 booths
    ◆Sub-venue (South China City of Nanning for Light Industrial Exhibition): 600

    (1)Pavilion of Commodity Trade
    ◆ASEAN Commodities Section
    ASEAN Brands Galleria
    Display leading and well-recognized ASEAN enterprises and brandname products
    Food & Agro-based Products
    Food, beverages, native produce and animal by-products
    Furniture & Furnishing
    Furniture made of wood, ratten and other materials, semi-finished furniture and

    components & parts, home decoration
    Arts & Crafts, Jewelry and Accessories
    Distinctive ASEAN handicrafts, jewelry, jades, precious stones, gems, gifts &

    Consumer Goods
    Detergents, bath & shower products, facial & skin care products, kitchen ware,

    household electrical appliances
    Service Sectors
    Tourist & leisure products, education, financial services, environmental protection

    solutions, business consultation, legal service
    Raw Materials (Image Display)
    Palm oil, rubber, mineral products, and other raw materials
    Chinese Commodities Section
    ——Machinery & Equipment Exhibition
    ▶Engineering Machinery & vehicles (outdoor space)
    Engineering Machinery | Vehicles
    ▶Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Exhibition
    General machinery | Packaging machinery | Processing machinery
    ▶Electric Power Equipment
    Power generating equipment | Power transmission/distribution/transformation

    equipment | Electric automation equipment | Wires & cables | New energy-driven

    ——Electronics & Electrical Appliances Exhibition
    ▶Electronics & Electrical Appliances
    ICT products | Green household appliances | New energy products
    ▶Creative Products
    Electronic products | household supplies | gifts & premiums
    ——Building Materials Exhibition
    ▶Building Materials
    Paving materials | Door, window & curtain wall| Bath & shower products | New

    environmental-friendly building materials

    (2) Pavilion of Investment Cooperation
    International project contracting | Labor cooperation | Resource developing |

    Information technology | Energy developing | Infrastructure construction |

    Industrial park development
    Major Programs:
    ◆CAEXPO Roundtable Meeting on Investment Cooperation
    ◆Invest in ASEAN : Promotion Conference on ASEAN Industrial Parks
    ◆China-ASEAN Infrastructures& Investment Cooperation Forum
    ◆Investment promotion conferences of the 10 ASEAN member countries
    ◆Investment promotion conferences of major Chinese provinces and cities
    ◆Seminars on Investment Cooperation Projects; Projects Briefings

    (3) Pavilion of Advanced Technology
    Achievements in energy conservation & environmental protection, new energy, science

    & technology for livelihood improvement, agriculture, optical, mechanical & electric

    appliance and IT
    Major programs:
    ◆Sideline forums on China-ASEAN science & technology cooperation
    (4) Pavilion of Trade in Services
    Financial services for enterprises, tourism and IT outsourcing services
    Major programs:
    ◆China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Financial Cooperation and Development;
    ◆Seminar on Financial Supports for Go-Global Enterprises
    ◆China-ASEAN Tourism Cooperation Seminar
    ◆Orientation on Services Outsourcing

    (5) Pavilion of Cities of Charm
    Science and technology cooperation is the theme of the 9th CAEXPO. China and the 10

    ASEAN countries will choose one city of their own that boasts opportunities and

    potential for cooperation and development in this field as their own City of Charm.

    Thematic conference and networking activities between cities will be arranged during

    the fair period. China, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore have now confirmed

    Guangzhou, Bandar Seri Begawan and City of Singapore as their respective City of

    Agricultural advanced technology: advanced planting and animal husbandry technology,

    agricultural product intensive processing technology, R & D, technology promotion

    and service agencies
    Agricultural materials: seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, films
    Agricultural products: fresh fruits & vegetables, meat & poultry, aquatic products,

    grain, oil
    Foodstuffs: accredited green and organic food
    Home Supplies Section: household appliances, arts & crafts, home decoration, dining

    & kitchen wares
    Cultural and Sport Products & Gifts Section: outdoor products, sport products,

    The CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition is a specialized exhibition that is

    held after the CAEXPO, which has been successfully concluded with two sessions till

    now. It provides a new platform for China and ASEAN to enhance bilateral cooperation

    and exchanges in this regard and will create ample room for relevant enterprises to

    explore each other's market.
    Exhibits: wood doors, wood flooring, wood stairs, redwood furniture, wood furniture,

    woodwork machinery, ASEAN products and a comprehensive section (underwood products,

    projects and technologies of major wood producing Chinese regions/cities)

    Basing on our networking and our professional group, we can arrange your whole

    Chinese business tour throughout the period of the event, and offer flexible and

    reliable exhibition services according to your needs. We will provide the Formal

    Invitation Letter of Organizing Committee of the event, registration, exhibits

    delivery, clear custom declaration services, Special Business Promotion & Matching

    to you. Other customer-made services will also be offered such as tickets and hotel

    reservations, advertising, airport pick-up and see-off etc.
    For details of our services, please click:



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