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News Update
  • Deputy Minister Zhao of Jiangxi Province Foreign Affairs Office met Mr. Michael Guo of AITA & Associates
  • Vice Director of AITA & Associates Was Invited to Attend Opening Ceremony of 2010 Beijing CBD International Business Festival
  • Vice Director Xu Hui of AITA & Associates Met With Chairman of Federation of Chinese Sannong
  • 40 Billion Potevio Chairman met with AITA and Associates Delegation (April 28, 2010)
  • Opening a New Era of Importing Radiate Pines from NZ&AU
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    Opening a New Era of Importing Radiate Pines from NZ&AU

    With a great demand for timber to satisfy the national need, China imports a large number of plantation forest resources, which pushes the radiate pines widely recognized and accepted by the current Chinese market to the high-grade green fields in manufacturing. The application of radiate pines in China has been beyond a popularizing stage, and they have been widely used in the fields of construction, high speed rail, wood-based panels, furniture, floor and packaging. The year of 2009 opens a new trade and manufacture era of China importing radiate pines, reaching a peak of importing radiate pine logs and sawntimbers from New Zealand and Australia in history. The great era of exchange, trade investment and cooperation in timber and wood products will be expected in 2010 and the coming years by wood industries of China, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world.
    AITA & Associates, with years of experience and strong network in Chinese timber industry, aims to provide a bridge between China and the world. If you are seeking a Chinese partner for business cooperation in this industry, we will help raise your profile in China and provide all the other assistance needed to ensure you a fruitful partnership. For enquiries, please contact us on +86 10 67162030/31/32 or email: .
     2010 Annual Conference of Chinese Timber and Wood Industry and
    Wood Trade Year of China, New Zealand and Australia
    – Opening a New Trade and Manufacture Era of China Importing Radiate Pines
    May 25 to 27, 2010 in Xiamen City of Fujian Province, China
    Sponsored by: China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association (CTDA)
                         Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government
                         Australian International Trade Association & Associates
                         New Zealand International Exchange Center
    Undertaken by: Fujian Zhangzhou Timber Co., Ltd.
    Specially supported by: Shandong Lichen Group Co., Ltd.
    Supported by: New Zealand Forest Owners Association
    Reported by: Home ·Soufun
    For more information about this conference, please see Annual Conference of Chinese Timber and Wood Industry.doc  .

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